Reasons You Might Need a Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyer in Chicago

Getting to work, the store, or doctor’s appointments is vital for most people. If you cannot drive because of a suspension or driver’s license revocation, there are ways to reinstate a license in Chicago.

The Process

How to go about getting a reinstatement depends upon the original offense that caused you to get your license suspended or revoked. Individuals can lose the right to drive if they drink and drive, fail to pay parking tickets, or skip a court appearance. These are the conditions that determine which path a person needs to take in order to start driving again.

Everyone must pay a fine, and the courts may demand other actions. If alcohol or drugs were involved, a judge might require proof that you are enrolled in some form of substance abuse recovery program. You might also have to retake all of the DMV tests, including the driving portion.

Formal Hearing

A formal hearing is not always required, but it is necessary if death is involved or if it is a person’s second offense. Informal and formal hearings can be complicated. You may have to prove you are not a danger to society and not driving is causing you significant hardship.


It takes time to reinstate a license in Chicago. The process can take anywhere from two days to several months. The time frame depends on the offense, hardship, and other court factors. For more details on how you can reinstate your driver’s license in Chicago, contact Johnson & Goldrich P. C. , Attorneys at Law.

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