Responding to Divorce Papers with Family Law Lawyers in McMinnville, OR

When you are served with divorce papers, it can be shocking. Even when you are expecting the marriage to end, it can feel overwhelming when it really happens. You may be hesitant to sign papers that have been delivered to you. These are usually drawn up by a lawyer and may have requirements that you are not clear about. It is pertinent that you find a lawyer immediately. Avoid signing until your lawyer looks over the paperwork.

Getting Started

You should have a consultation with family law lawyers in McMinnville, OR. They can help you better understand the process of divorce. When you choose to hire your lawyer, they can then look over your paperwork and give you advice on how to handle your personal situation. Every divorce is different, especially when children are involved. At the very least, you may have property that needs to be divided up. Family law lawyers can help put you at ease during this difficult time.


When you have children, the divorce is often complicated from day one. This often warrants the need for a quick meeting in court to set temporary custody and visitation. This helps everyone understand how they should behave during these early stages. Family law lawyers will help you determine whether you will be required to visit on certain dates, or whether you will be given the right to have the children living with you. Mediation and the final courtroom meeting are all a part of the process. This can be prolonged, however, when kids are involved. can tell you how to the process underway.

Take the time to consult with a family lawyer the same day that you are served with divorce papers. It is extremely important to get started on your own paperwork. You may have to be concerned with property and children. A quality family lawyer can help you figure out the best way to handle things.

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