Services Offered by a Probate Lawyer in Salina KS

Services Offered by a Probate Lawyer in Salina KS

A Probate Lawyer in Salina KS is a type of lawyer who works as an advisor to settle the estate and final affairs of their clients. Probate lawyers are commonly called estate attorneys and are responsible for taking a person’s personal representative through the whole probate process from the beginning to the end. The steps involved will be dependent on the assets owned by the deceased individual and their wishes after death.

In many cases, probate lawyers are retained prior to death to assist with living trusts and wills. When this is done, family members will be able to avoid waiting for an estate to be dispersed; however, this will depend on the estate.

For anyone that needs to hire a Probate Lawyer in Salina KS, the one they hire should be evaluated carefully. They need to ensure they find an individual who fully understands the often complex laws involved with the probate process. They should also hire someone who has prior experience in the field, since the laws are constantly changing.

Keep in mind, probate lawyers serve both individuals prior to their death as well as the beneficiaries of a will. Their services are diverse to ensure that the person they are serving receives the help and representation they need. Some of the specific services they offer include:

*     Finding and securing non-probate assets and probate assets.

*     Acquiring appraisals and death values of property.

*     Working to prepare and file the documents that are required by the probate court.

*     Collecting the life insurance proceeds.

*     Providing advice on the payment of the outstanding debts and final bills.

*     Keeping tabs on the estate checking account.

*     Taking care of income tax issues.

*     Helping ensure the sale of real estate property.

If you believe that you benefit from the services of a probate lawyer, then Contact Hampton Law for help and information. The professional staff and attorneys will be able to assist with any questions or concerns you have to ensure that you receive the services you need. This is not an issue that you should ignore. Utilize the services of an attorney to feel confident everything is handled properly.



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