Steps To Take When Selecting The Best Workers Compensation Attorney

A Chicago workers compensation attorney can represent the employer, the employee or the insurance company when there is a work related injury being disputed. Once it has been decided that having an attorney will prove to be beneficial, selecting the right one is of utmost importance. To ensure that the right attorney is chosen there are a number of factors to be considered such as does the attorney normally represent the employee or the employer and how is the legal fee handled? Other things to consider are the experience the attorney has, how well they are thought of by past clients and how they relate during the initial meeting.

The first thing to determine is what party does the Chicago workers compensation attorney normally represent. If you are the injured employee you will certainly not want an attorney who specializes in representing an insurance company for example. It would be a rare event for an attorney to represent employees as well as employers; it may even be unethical to do this. Although this may be the case it would not be unusual to find an attorney that represents employers and insurance companies.

Once you have located a possible attorney to represent you ask for a copy of their retainer agreement. You can expect a good attorney to take time to review the agreement with you, explaining any issues that are not self explanatory. There are laws in place in most jurisdictions that cap the fees that a Chicago workers compensation attorney can charge in the event of a successful representation. There are other costs that are charged to the account of the client such as legal research, copies of medical reports as well as expert witnesses if such people are called for.

You want to make sure the attorney you select is seasoned and has plenty of experience in dealing with cases such as yours. One of the best ways to locate such an attorney is through word of mouth; you will be surprised at how many people have been involved in workers comp cases in the past.

During your initial consultation you will not only have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your case in generalities, you will be given a perfect opportunity to see how you and the attorney interact. If the attorney does not seem attentive or understand the issues pertaining to your case then they are not the best for the job ahead. You are looking for a Chicago workers compensation attorney that is attentive, responsible and knowledgeable.

If you are having difficulties with your employer or the insurance company over a work related injury you may need to hire a Chicago workers compensation attorney to assist you. Contact Shea Law Group for more information.

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