Taking Advice From An Accident Attorney In Tulsa

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Attorney

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It is scary being involved in an automobile accident. People are never sure what to do. If someone is injured, they are stressed and can barely remember their names. The first thing people should do is call 9-1-1. The accident needs to be reported, whether there are injuries or not. When the police arrive, be honest and describe what happened. Get medical attention for the injured, immediately.

Other tips after having an accident include taking pictures of the crash scene with a cell phone. Sometimes, these early pictures are critical in determining fault. Be sure to get the contact and insurance information for the other party, and avoid discussing the accident with anyone at the scene other than the police. Call your insurance agent and report the accident. The claims process needs to be started, quickly. Furthermore, call an Accident Attorney Tulsa if you are injured and have extensive vehicle damage. The attorney explains your legal rights and obligations, and helps you get compensated for damages.

The Accident Attorney in Tulsa is generally paid out of the settlement proceeds. Attorneys, like Donald E. Cummings, charge a fee between 33 1/3 percent to 40 percent of the settlement. Cummings has over 35 years of experience. The amount of the settlement will depend on several factors, including: the severity of the injury, the amount of economic damages, and how long the injury is expected to last. Economic damages include lost wages and medical expenses. The attorney’s staff gathers most of the medical records, and proof of other damages. However, save any medical bills, received at home. They should be given to the attorney, promptly. Notify the attorney, if anyone tries to make contact regarding the accident.

Parties usually have a certain time period to negotiate a settlement. The lawyer will evaluate a claim’s worth and demand that amount from the insurance company. If a settlement can’t be reached, a lawsuit must be filed. The statute of limitations is usually two to three years. Personal injury lawsuits are stressful, time-consuming and can take years before a trial. The most important factor in a claim is listening to the attorney’s advice. Follow their advice, and the claim should have a positive outcome.

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