Taking Legal Steps to Protect the Health and Safety of Your Family

Since the overhaul of the health insurance industry, you may not be sure what is required of you when it comes to insuring your family. You may wonder if you are obligated to buy insurance or if you qualify for special subsidies that could lighten your financial burden.

Rather than trying to figure out the laws on your own, you might receive the answers you seek more quickly by hiring a lawyer. By retaining the services of a health care law attorney in Chicago, clients like you can determine if you need to buy insurance and what type of coverage you have to purchase if obligated by federal or state mandates.

Exemption Under the Law

When you hire an experienced health care law attorney in Chicago, residents like you can figure out quickly if you qualify for some type of exemption under state or federal mandates. Both sets of laws allow people who do not earn a lot of money to be exempted from buying health insurance for themselves and their families. They are not required to make this purchase because it would cause undue financial hardship to their households.

To qualify for this exemption, however, your income must fall at or below the guidelines established by federal and state regulators. Your attorney can show you what those figures are and help you determine if your income meets the criteria for exemption.

Filing Taxes

If you plan to claim the health insurance exemption when filing your taxes, you may need the help of a skilled attorney to help you with your returns. Your attorney can provide documentation to show that your income is not high enough to buy health insurance for your household.

Bypassing some of the mandates in the health insurance laws can be challenging. You can get legal help today by contacting Zimmerman Law Offices at .

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