The Job Of A Probate Lawyer

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Attorney

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If you are looking for Probate Lawyers in Hinsdale, you are probably looking for an expert to assist you making your will. A probate lawyer is a professional who understands probate law as well as the execution of a last will and testament. The job of a probate lawyer is to be executor of the will, pay all due bills and taxes from the estate and then distribute any properties or inheritances to the beneficiaries of the will.

Generally, when a client makes a will it is done with family and friends in mind. Some people also bestow generous charitable donations in their wills too. When you talk to your probate attorney, tell them your exact plans and they will draft a copy of your last will and testament for you to read through. Upon your approval that document will then be signed by you, and witnessed by an official, to make it legally binding. You can, of course, change your will at any time during your lifetime and many people do in fact update their will regularly. It is important to keep your will up to date because circumstances within a family can change. Divorce, disinheritance and other factors can have an impact on the state of your will and it should be changed accordingly.

Once you pass away, your probate lawyer will then take control of the execution of your will. Their first job will be to make sure that all the outstanding bills and taxes are paid out of the money in the estate. Whatever is left after that is then assigned to the recipients named in the will. Some, or all, will receive money, others will get property, cars, jewelry, paintings, antiques or other nick-knacks that have been bequeathed to them by the deceased.

During the process your probate lawyer will be caring and courteous because they fully understand that grief can be a very personal thing and families can be emotionally charged by a death in the family. The probate lawyer will also facilitate any legal process and represent the client in court during the probate period. They will file any pleadings or motions, as well as fight the client’s corner in court if the will happens to be contested.

On many occasions the client will also engage the probate lawyer as the executor of the will, but this is not always the case. It does indeed help if the lawyer who drew up the will can also have a hand in execution of the client’s wishes because they will have a better understanding of what needs doing. In a case where the probate lawyer is one of the beneficiaries, however, they are then not permitted to be the executor and someone else must be appointed.

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