Three Divorce Types with a Divorce Attorney in Walker MN

Three Divorce Types with a Divorce Attorney in Walker MN

Divorce occurs in 41% of first marriages. There are a number of reasons for ending a marriage and when doing so it is important to choose the least stressful method. By retaining the services of a divorce attorney in Walker MN, you can learn the legal requirements for your divorce.

The Uncontested Divorce

Studies show that 95% of divorces completed are done so with the uncontested divorce. When both spouses agree on ending the marriage jointly, this is by far the easiest divorce to choose. By agreeing on the end of the marriage, a long and drawn out court battle may be avoided. Another advantage of an uncontested divorce is the spouses should be capable of dividing the property and assets without the assistance of the court. This will result in a faster end of the marriage.

The Summary Divorce

If you have been married for a short period of time or less than five years, a summary divorce may be ideal for the end of your marriage. There are a number of additional requirements that must be met and discussed with your divorce attorney in Walker MN regarding this divorce type. Additionally, there shouldn’t be any children involved when seeking the summary divorce. Other requirements include threshold amounts for the marital property and these must be met to obtain this divorce.

The Contested Divorce

One of the more complex divorce types involves the contested divorce. When one of the spouses desires to end the marriage and the other one doesn’t, this will lead to a contested divorce. Many of the decisions that must be made when a marriage ends in this divorce process are decided on by the court. This will increase the length of time to obtain a divorce and the legal fees to do so, as well.

Finally, retain the legal services of Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm to discuss the options of divorce with you and choose the one that will accomplish the legal dissolution with the least amount of stress. The act of ending a marriage is stressful enough and choosing a divorce that is advised by an attorney may decrease some of this stress.


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