Three Signs It’s Time to Hire a Landlord Lawyer in Green Valley, NV

Most landlords do not keep a lawyer on call because they often don’t realize the top situations where a lawyer would help. Being able to recognize situations where it will help you to hire a landlord lawyer will save a significant amount of time and hassle when a problem arises. Landlords, like any other business, aim to earn income without acquiring a liability and a landlord lawyer is able to help navigate tricky problems that may occur with tenants.

When Evicting a Tenant

Most states have quicker processing times for eviction lawsuits than a regular case, but landlords must follow highly detailed rules that would be easily navigated by a landlord lawyer in Green Valley, NV. Filing the right papers and forms may seem like a puzzle and the help of a landlord lawyer will save time and help you file correctly the first time. A lawyer is particularly necessary if this is your first time evicting a tenant, if the tenant is fighting eviction with a lawyer, or if there are additional rent control or housing rules you need to follow.

When Fighting an Illegal Discrimination Accusation

Of course, you don’t need to hire a landlord lawyer everytime a prospect or tenant accuses you of discrimination, but if that person decides to sue you and take the discrimination accusation to court, it is time to hire a lawyer. Illegal discrimination accusations are extremely serious, and, if successful, they may result in large fines and damaging press that will leave a bad mark on your housing’s reputation. Working with a reputable law firm, such as Pintar Albiston LLP, will help you disprove any inaccurate claims while protecting your reputation.

When Being Sued for Property Damage

It is your responsibility as landlord to maintain each of your properties, but sometimes tenants will sue you if they think that you are failing to fix damages in a timely manner. If something, such as a leak, damages the property of one of your tenants, then they may look to you for compensation. With these types of claims and anything that involved liability, it is the wisest option to seek help and advice from a trusted law firm with many experienced lawyers. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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