Tips for Meeting With Your Lawyer from Curcillo Law LLC for the First Time

Tips for Meeting With Your Lawyer from Curcillo Law LLC for the First Time

You know that it is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of a crime. The complexity of crimes in the United States can make it hard to navigate the court system without someone who can help you. However, when hiring a defense attorney such as one from Curcillo Law LLC, you will need to bring certain items with you to your first meeting so your attorney can get up to date with the criminal charges against you. You should bring with you:

The arrest record, if possible

Any contact information for any witnesses

Any information they can use to get video tapes or other surveillance of the crime

Any paperwork you have been given that deals with the crime

You should also be prepared to answer questions the attorney will have for you about the charges that have been brought against you. Be fully honest with your attorney during this time, as you want them to have all the information necessary to defend you. When you are meeting with a Curcillo Law LLC attorney for the first time, there are some questions you should ask the lawyer as well.

Will you be the attorney I will be working with?

Will there be a legal secretary or paralegal I can speak with if you are not available?

What sentences could I be looking at based on my charges?

Is there a possibility of the charges being dropped?

What do you think my chances are for a not guilty verdict?

Do you think it would be best to plead guilty or to go through a jury trial for my case?

Based on these answers, you can get a clearer picture of what the attorney thinks about your case and how they want to handle your case. The attorney should not guarantee any results, but they should be able to tell you how likely different results may be. It is impossible to guarantee results because the court system has many different factors in it, from the defense attorney you hire to the prosecutor and the judge. With so much human involvement, it’s hard to predict exact results. The good news is, though, that hiring an attorney from a law firm such as Curcillo Law LLC will mean that you have someone who is on your side and working with you to get the best outcome possible.


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