Tips to Keep Your Children Safe as a Victim of Domestic Abuse

According to recent statistics, it has been reported one in 15 children is exposed to domestic violence in their homes over the course of a year. A shocking 90 percent of these children have witnessed this violence with their own eyes. If these numbers are scary to you, it’s important to remember hiring a victim of domestic violence lawyer close to you is perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make for the safety of your children.

Does Marriage Make Your Case More Difficult to Prove?

The Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris understands the reservations you may have when you’re married to your abuser. Having an experienced dissolution legal separation lawyer nearby on your side is vital once you’ve made the difficult decision. It’s a pattern of many abusers to make their victims believe they will remain powerless over their situations, even after leaving. Your abusive spouse may have even told you no one will believe you. Your domestic violence attorney is here to listen to you with non judgment and help you take the necessary legal steps to protect the interests of you and your children.

Access to Valuable Resources

Once you’ve hired a trusted victim of domestic violence lawyer nearby, you have access to many resources you may not know exist. One of the things that keeps a victim in a bad situation is the belief they are all alone and no one cares. There are many agencies that are here to help you. Because of the experience your attorney has with the legal side of domestic violence, they can make the proper recommendations to maintain your physical safety as your case is put together. The process is not one that is complete within a couple of days. It’s important to remember you have full support.

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