Top 5 Mistakes Miami Homeowners Make When Facing Foreclosure

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Attorney

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Let’s just admit it. We prefer that you visit us before your mortgage becomes a problem. If your income decreased, a spouse becomes disabled, or any other of life’s curve balls arise, we can start loan modification negotiations to shape your mortgage to your new financial reality.

However, for whatever reason, people often remain in denial until disaster strikes. When people finally visit an attorney, we have a mess to clean up and find mistakes were made. Forgivable, yes, but be aware. These are the top five mistakes we notice with foreclosure clients.

5. “If I Ignore It, It Will Go Away.”
Whether out of hopelessness or sincere belief that ignoring the problem helps, we encounter this fairly often. Unfortunate, this is not a schoolyard bully you are facing. It is foreclosure and it requires attention. Never ignore it!

4. From The Mailbox To The Trash
People may visit our office desperate for a resolution only to not bring any of the foreclosure filings mailed to them. We need those for deadlines and contact information. Hunting it down ourselves is possible but not our favorite game to play. Keep your papers, please.

3. Deadlines: They Aren’t Just Suggestions
Related somewhat to losing the paperwork, there is also a mindset that deadlines are negotiable. Trust us here: They aren’t.

2. Giving Up
Many simply give up and assume their home is gone. Rather than a complete denial or carelessness, as in the other reasons, this is deliberately looking at the problem and saying, “There is nothing I can do.” Nothing is done to stop it and homeowners await their move-out date.

1. Never Calling An Attorney
Let’s share a secret. You can avoid all these issues and even stop the foreclosure process if you contact an attorney. Lenders will often ignore your attempts to negotiate with them. Hire an attorney, and suddenly, you’re serious—and not denying the problem, missing deadlines, or losing papers and hope.

Facing the very scary prospect of foreclosure? It is possible to stop it and keep your home. Seek help from an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer in Miami today and continue to enjoy your dream home. Call us to find your options.

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