Unable to Work? Hire a Schaumburg Social Security Lawyer to Get Disability Benefits

Unable to Work? Hire a Schaumburg Social Security Lawyer to Get Disability Benefits

Sick or injured people who have not been able to work for twelve months may qualify for the Social Security disability program. It is the only government program that offers long-term financial assistance and medical insurance, therefore it is critical for these people to be admitted into the program. However it is very difficult to be accepted. There is a long application that needs to be filled out and a stringent review process. Applicants should hire a Schaumburg Social Security lawyer to increase their chances of receiving these benefits.

Applicants and their doctor often don’t understand what the people who review applications are looking for. They focus on the nature of their illness and proving they are really sick. While that is certainly part of the application, it’s not the main focus. Many people who have various illnesses are able to work. Applicants for the Social Security disability program have to show that their illness prevents them from working. A Schaumburg Social Security lawyer understands clearly what the reviewers look for.

The applicant has to clearly show all of the tasks that their job requires. This includes mental and physical tasks such as standing at a machine making parts, filling out order forms and supervising deliveries. Then they have to enumerate why they can’t do the tasks. They may have lower back pain that makes standing for long periods of time impossible. They have to show that it isn’t possible to sit on a stool and do the job. They should also include any accommodation the employer has tried. This would include more frequent breaks. If they are on pain medications that prevent them from operating machinery they should include that as well. It is possible that the medications make it impossible for them to concentrate sufficiently to fill out forms and supervise deliveries.

Sometimes applicants attempt the process without a lawyer and are denied benefits. They shouldn’t give up, because there is the possibility to appeal the denial to an administrative law judge. However, they only have a limited time period to file an appeal. The Social Security Administration’s own analysis showed that applicants with a lawyer are 30 percent more likely to win their appeal.


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