What is a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Portland, OR?

A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Portland, OR is hired as defense for individuals and/or corporations that are the defendant who have been arrested as a suspect in illegal activities. In most situations a criminal defense attorney is responsible for representing someone who has been accused of criminal activity and will appear in court before a judge and/or jury to decide if the defendant is innocent or guilty.

When charged with a criminal offense, the first and most important step a defendant should take is to contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Portland, OR for legal representation. Criminal attorneys, like other attorneys have attended law school and they have a deep knowledge about the court system, the laws and how they pertain to your particular case. Choosing the best criminal defense attorney may be a difficult process, especially if the fees are a concern. It is important to have the representation of a criminal attorney who has trial experience and a history of good outcomes.

The primary role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Portland, OR is to represent the defendant. The attorney will attempt to find the best way to minimize the possible consequences of the unlawful activity the defendant has been charged with. If the client is innocent or proclaims innocence, it is the job of the criminal defense attorney to attempt to prove it to the courts. Defense attorneys can also offer the defendant advice throughout the proceedings, such as what consequences may be expected and provide realistic observations to the client regarding the outcome of the charges.

A criminal defense attorney typically charges expensive fees, depending on the area of of crime they represent, some attorneys may charge a flat rate, while others may charge per hour. For example, many criminal attorneys who represent clients charged with driving under the influence have a flat rate charge. If you have been charged with a criminal offense and do not have the money to hire attorney to represent you, the court system will typically offer the defendant the services of a public defender. The public defender is a criminal defense attorney who has been retained by the state, county or city to represent defendants for free or at a significantly discounted cost.

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