What Is Business Litigation?

What Is Business Litigation?

Business litigation is but one of the many specialties within the legal arena. Business litigation lawyers in Chicago are actively involved in mounting a defense for a company client that has been accused of a wrongdoing. As well as defending a business client, the lawyers can also lodge a complaint against another on behalf of a client. Litigation is proceedings that take place between any two parties to either enforce or defend a legal right; the litigant is the party accused, the accuser is the complainant. Business litigation lawyers represent a business client that is embroiled in a class action suit, contract disputes or any action between another company, a consumer or an employee, all of whom can institute proceedings.

In class action litigation there are a number of complainants. Although in many cases a class action suit refers to medical malpractice, product defects, defective advertising etc any dispute can be class action. In actions of this nature there are often attorneys who focus their attention on either the side of the litigants or the complainants.

All attorneys that are involved in business litigation must be skillful negotiators, being able to mediate a dispute as an alternative to a court trial. During the mediation process it is not uncommon for the attorneys for both parties to work with a third neutral party, often another attorney. Although mediation and arbitration are often confused with one another by a layperson they are different. In arbitration the arbitrator hears both sides and after study and consideration makes a legal judgment which is binding on all concerned.  Mediation on the other hand is often that which is turned to in employee/employer disputes.

Contract disputes are common in business. All contracts entered into by two business entities are legally binding agreements. In many cases the language that is used in the contract is left open to elucidation or interpretation. A breach of contract suit is when one party to the contract is being accused by the other party of not following the terms included in the agreement. In contracts disputes business litigation lawyers in Chicago will defend the actions of the party in the context of the terms of the contract.

Litigation does not necessarily end when a verdict has been rendered. In many cases the way that the award is collected is the subject of negotiation or the losing party may find basis to launch an appeal.

Business litigation lawyers in Chicago can be called in whenever there is a legal dispute between two companies or a company and a consumer. You are invited to contact Zimmerman Law offices for a consultation.

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