What To Expect When Utilizing Bail Services In Georgetown, TX

What To Expect When Utilizing Bail Services In Georgetown, TX

When a person lands behind bars, it will quickly throw their family into chaos and leave them with a feeling of helplessness. Though most individuals are given the opportunity to post bail and secure their release until they are required to appear in court, the cost for even minor charges may quickly grow to tens of thousands of dollars. A company that provides bail services in Georgetown, TX is standing by to help and will work with the jailed person and their family to secure their release as quickly as possible.

Initial Application

The first step is to complete an application, and this is usually filled out by a friend or family member of the person who is in jail. The app will request information regarding the incarcerated person’s inmate number, name, and the details of the charge. Next, they are required to provide information about their personal life, including address, social security number, and employer location and phone number.

Collateral Requirements

Most bail companies require a certain amount of collateral to pay for the bond and secure their investment in the event the charged person does not appear in court. Be prepared to offer as much as 10 percent of the total bond in cash at the time of application, and to place an item such as jewelry, real estate, or a vehicle up as collateral. Larger bonds may also require one or more cosigners, who agree to take on responsibility for the bond amount.

Money Transfer and Inmate Release

After the application is completed and processed, the funds are then sent to the jail in as little as 15 minutes. After the facility receives the funds, the inmate will usually be released in 2 to 3 hours, though the expected release time may take longer depending on how busy the facility is. Once the released person appears in court, the funds from the bond are returned to the company that provided the bail services in Georgetown, TX.

If a loved one has ended up in jail, it may be time to contact a professional guarantor. The team at Williamson County Bail Bond has more than 30 years of experience securing the release of those behind bars and will work to ensure a person’s freedom as quickly as possible. Visit their website to learn more or call today to speak to a bail bond professional.

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