What to Know About Bailbonds and this Difficult Process

by | Nov 26, 2018 | bail-bonds

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In today’s legal system, bailbonds are a very important and very confusing legal process and it is important to have a better understanding of what bailbonds are and how they work, should you ever find yourself in need of bailbonds. In the United States if you are arrested for a crime and this act is considered to be a “bailable offense,” then you will in most situations, have two options to pursue. You can either post a bail which is a pre-set amount of money that you can pay in order to get released or you can choose to stay in jail until your court hearing has been scheduled.

The way the process works is simple. If you chose to forfeit your legal right to see a judge within 72 hours of your arrest and you want to be out of jail until your scheduled court date then you can pay your bail and get out of jail. There are a number of ways that the bail can be paid. In most situations the person who has been arrested or someone such as a friend or family member will pay the bail amount that has been set. However, in many situations the defendant is unable to come up with the money, and in these situations, those who are in need of assistance can call a licensed bail agent to help them with what are known as bailbonds.

The professional bailbonds men will typically offer up what is known as a premium, or an amount that is 10% of the bail amount that has been set. In return for this assistant the bailbonds agent will then often ask to get some type of collateral in exchange for the amount until the defendant has showed up to all of their mandatory court appearances and the money from the bailbonds has been returned in full. This is the basic way in which bailbonds work. However, depending on the professional bondsmen that you turn to, different types of collateral may be required.

In many situations, the collateral comes in the form of valuables like real estate, automobiles or other types of valuables that have an appraised value to them. There are many who find that these bailbonds services are not only helpful but a necessity in order to get our of jail and to experience a sense of freedom before a court hearing takes place. The thing to keep in mind is that in order to make sure that you get quality bailbonds from reliable bonds men, then you need to contact the right local bailbonds company. These individuals can be essential to your success and help make sure that you get the assistance you are looking for with posting your bail thanks to the professional services of a licensed bailbond agent.

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