What You Should Do Before Consulting a Littleton Car Accident Lawyer

If you’re injured in a traffic accident, you may know to consult a car accident attorney in Littleton, CO. While that is an important step in the process of seeking damages, it’s not the first thing you will need to do. Immediately after the accident, there are a few things you can do that will help any lawyer give you a more accurate assessment of your case.

Obtain Insurance Information

The first thing to do in an accident is to assess injuries and call for help. As you wait for the police and ambulance to arrive, you should get the other driver’s name and insurance information. Be sure to also get their phone number and other contact information. If there are any passengers or witnesses to the accident, get their names and contact information as well.

Gather Evidence

Obtaining evidence to support your injury claim will consist primarily of taking pictures of the vehicle damages. You can also get pictures of the other vehicle’s license plate and the intersecting streets. These images will help with your claim by giving your attorney a clearer impression of what happened.

Undergo a Medical Evaluation

You should also undergo a medical exam and begin treatment for your injuries as soon as possible. Be sure to get copies of your medical records to turn over to your car accident attorney in Littleton, CO. Your lawyer will be able to estimate the total amount of damages that your medical recovery will cost.

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