When They Need a DWI Lawyer Hagerstown MD Drivers Want the Best

When They Need a DWI Lawyer Hagerstown MD Drivers Want the Best

A drink after work with the girls on Friday night sounded like a great idea. It had been a long week, so it’s time to kick back and relax, talk about work, complain a bit about guys and let loose on the dance floor. Somehow there was always another tequila waiting for her on the table. Soon enough it was time for everyone to head for home.

She felt fine and thought she was driving very carefully. Apparently the policeman didn’t think so. Now she’s sitting in the back of the police car with handcuffs on and has never been so scared. She didn’t want to do it, but had to call her boyfriend and tell him what happened. He said he’d call her a lawyer.

The next morning, her lawyer told her that DWI could involve jail time, a suspended license and a fine. It’s necessary to deal with both license suspension and the court charges. Her blood tested at above the legal limit; small women don’t have to drink very much to reach that point. Her life has just become infinitely more complicated and expensive.

Andrea Cheeatow and Victoria Lobley formed Cheeatow & Lobley, LLC so that they could utilize their extensive legal experience for the benefit of their clients in a personalized atmosphere. They devote their experience and skills to ensuring that their clients receive the best solutions possible. Anyone who needs a DWI Lawyer Hagerstown MD should contact the firm for a free 30 minute consultation.

Ms. Cheeatow focuses on criminal defense and family law with over ten years of litigation experience. She has defended clients charged with a variety of criminal offenses, including robbery, drug charges, assault and theft. Attorney Cheeatow is an experienced DWI Lawyer Hagerstown MD clients have relied on. She earned her Juris Doctor at New York Law School and is a member of both the New Jersey Bar and the Maryland Bar.

Victoria Lobley is a seasoned attorney with a wide range of experience in family law, criminal defense, estates and business matters. Her experience has enabled her to defend clients charged with various misdemeanors and felonies, including assault, drug charges, theft and traffic violations. She has successfully defended clients as a DWI Lawyer Hagerstown MD. Ms. Lobley graduated from the University of Baltimore with her Juris Doctor and received her Masters of Law from Georgetown University School of Law.



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