When to Hire a Business Attorney in Wichita KS

When to Hire a Business Attorney in Wichita KS

A business attorney in Wichita KS can help your business in various ways. For instance, this legal expert can assist you during the incorporation process and drawing up different contracts. When necessary, the attorney can represent your business in litigation.

However, the question that you might be asking is; are business lawyers always necessary for businesses or are their services needed at certain times only? It is true that not having a business attorney can save your business money but again navigating different legal processes alone can be challenging.

Generally, your business can have a knowledgeable team that can navigate some legal challenges without necessarily involving an attorney. However, when there are complex legal issues it is extremely important for your business to engage a business attorney.

Such issues include the following:

•   Corporation formation: You can always handle formation of a business such as a business partnership without the help of a business attorney. However, forming a corporation that has a board and shareholders is complex. You may fill the incorporation articles without a lawyer. However, handling legal requirements and complex tax issues usually calls for the help of a business attorney.

•   Litigation: This include when handling lawsuits filed by former or current employees, harassment or discrimination lawsuits, customers lawsuits, government investigations, and environmental lawsuits among others.

•   Filing patent: Filing patent is not only time consuming but expensive as well. Getting a patent approved can take quite a while. This is why there are pending patents. Therefore, unless if you are in the biotech or pharmaceutical industries, you should consider the advantage that will come with patenting a product. Your business attorney or a patent attorney can assist you in evaluating and understanding the rights that you will achieve from the patent.

•   Selling or buying a business: Selling or buying a business is a decision that requires you to have all the facts on the table. You also need negotiating skills to get a better deal. A business lawyer can assist you when negotiating a sales or lease agreement.

It is important to note that businesses are unique. There are other circumstances that your business might be into that are not listed here but they require assistance of a business attorney to handle. If your business is facing an issue that you are not certain whether it is worth hiring a business attorney in Wichita KS for, contact us now and we will help you.




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