When to Hire Disability Attorneys in Illinois?

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Attorney

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Many people assume that disability insurance policies will actually pay out benefits when a medical condition or injury results in the inability to work. Those who have a medical condition that causes them to be unable to work often believe that it will be easy to get approval for disability benefits. Unfortunately, insurance companies as well as Social Security routinely reject those who are applying for disability benefits.  If this happens, it is highly advised that those who have been denied benefits to consider hiring disability attorneys in Illinois. There are a number of things that skilled disability lawyers can be done to help overturn the denial of benefits.

When a client of disability attorneys in Illinois is applying for benefits under a private disability insurance policy, the key to getting benefits is showing that the client’s disability fits the definition of a disability in the policy language. In general, the policy wording will be less favorable for those who have cheaper disability policies. Those who have own-occupation disability policies will have an easier time getting approved since benefits have to be paid if the applicant cannot work in his or her current profession. Since many people have policies that don’t have favorable language, a good disability lawyer is often needed in order to help applicants get approved.

Social Security disability is one of the most difficult disability program to qualify for. In general, applicants have to be unable to work at any profession that they have the ability to work at. For example, if a dentist has a finger injury that renders him or her incapable of performing dental work, it is unlikely that the dentist will qualify for Social Security since there are many jobs available that do not require precise finger movements such as cashiers and drivers. In many instances, the medical records may not be detailed enough to show that the applicant is disabled under Social Security rules and regulations. When the denial is appealed to the administrative law hearing, it is important for the applicant to have legal counsel so that the judge understands why the applicant does indeed qualify for disability benefits. That is why an applicant appealing his or her Social Security disability denial should seriously think about hiring a lawyer. Visit the website rabinslaw.com to learn more.

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