When To Secure Domestic Violence Lawyers In Santa Rosa County

When To Secure Domestic Violence Lawyers In Santa Rosa County

Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County provide legal representation for anyone charged with domestic violence. The services encompass a criminal defense for the accused and acquisition of witness testimony. If the other party involved within the case wishes to drop the charges, a domestic violence lawyer can present this argument to the judge.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is defined as any form of assault between two household members. This assault classification ranges from physical to sexual in nature. The prevailing circumstances of domestic violence may relate to arguments between husband and wife or significant others where emergency services are contacted. In some cases, domestic violence is present. However, in more common cases, law enforcement acts upon assumption and arrests the male participant immediately. When this is the case, you should contact your choice of Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County.

Evidence of Domestic Violence

In cases where there is evidence of domestic violence, the criminal charge becomes more complex. The severity of the injuries are examined, and a cause is established. In these circumstances, the prosecution builds a stronger criminal case against the accused. If the injuries are severe or are sexually-based, a protection order is issued by the judge. Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County are required to arrange bail if the judge allows the accused to post bail at his or her first court appearance.

Restrictions Associated with Domestic Violence Cases

In some circumstances, the judge may order the accused to wear a tracking device to allow law enforcement to monitor him or her throughout the trial. This is to ensure that he or she does not violate the terms of bail, which usually prohibits traveling outside of a specific area such as the city or county. If a protection order is issued the accused could be prohibited from returning to the resident in which the alleged incident occurred.

Securing Counsel

Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County offer defense services to anyone who is charged with domestic violence. If you are arrested and charged with this offense, you should secure legal counsel as soon as possible. You will require a lawyer in most instances within the first 24-hour period following your arrest.

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