When You Can’t Drive A Lemon

by | May 17, 2019 | Attorney

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When you purchase a car, you expect that it will be dependable for the needs that you have. Unfortunately, there are times when car dealers and individuals aren’t completely honest about the condition of the car that you purchase. There are South Carolina lemon laws in place that can offer the protection you need so that you can get your money back or another vehicle in some circumstances.

One thing to keep in mind about South Carolina lemon laws is that they apply only to new vehicles. This usually means that there’s not a lot that can be done if you purchase a vehicle that is used and that clearly states that it’s an as-is condition. The vehicle has to be sold to the dealer by the manufacturer. The vehicle in question can only be used for test drives before it’s eligible to be considered for the lemon law protections by the state. A title for the car must not be issued in order for the laws to be effective.

There are a few conditions that the vehicle must meet in order for it to be considered a lemon. One would be if issues with the car appear within the first 12 months or the first 12,000 miles. Another is that the issues that are present impact the way that the car can be used or the value of the car. If the manufacturer of the car or the dealer can’t repair the car in a reasonable length of time, then it can be protected by South Carolina lemon laws. In most situations, dealers have three attempts within 30 days to fix the issue that arises. If the issue is caused by your neglect or your abuse of the vehicle, then it likely won’t be protected by the laws in the state even if it would be classified as a lemon.

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