Why a Person Should Hire a DUI Lawyer in Bear, DE After a DUI Arrest

Why a Person Should Hire a DUI Lawyer in Bear, DE After a DUI Arrest

For most people, drinking and driving is not a conscious decision. Many just have a couple of drinks and think they’re fine to drive. However, they may not realize they’re over the legal limit until they’re pulled over. Unfortunately, the law is specific about what drinking and driving is, and it doesn’t allow for an excuse that the person didn’t realize they were over the limit. In these cases, a DUI Lawyer in Bear DE, is required to help the person get a good outcome for the case and avoid a lifetime of problems.

Drinking and driving has both immediate and long term repercussions. Immediately following the arrest, the person will be booked into jail, lose their driver’s license, and will have to prepare for trial. It’s recommended to hire a DUI Lawyer in Bear DE, to try to have the case dropped or, if the person is found guilty, to be sentenced to the minimum sentence possible. If the person is found guilty, it will remain on their criminal record. This means that long after the case is completed the person can be turned down for employment or housing because they have a criminal record.

A DUI Lawyer in Bear DE, will help the person get past the DUI charge and back to their life. When possible, the lawyer will have the charges dropped or lowered so the person won’t have a criminal charge. If this isn’t possible, they’ll attempt to get them treatment instead of jail time or the smallest sentence possible. The lawyer will also help them apply for and receive a hardship license, which will allow them to drive with restrictions until their license is no longer suspended.

Using any available evidence for the case, the lawyer will do everything they can to help their client. Each case is unique, so there’s no telling how the lawyer will be able to help until they review the case. Any time a person is arrested for a DUI, even if it seems like it’s hopeless, a lawyer such as one from The Lyons Law Firm, can help the person get past the case and back on their feet with as few repercussions as possible.

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