Why Hire Accident Attorneys in Clifton NJ Instead of Self Representation

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Attorney

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We have all thought it before. How hard can it really be to represent myself in a legal case? I argue with other people successfully all the time after all. While it is true that some people have successfully represented themselves in the past. It is also true that a bunch of people failed miserably and had to deal with the consequences. A person can save a boatload by taking on an accident case themselves, but they risk running into complications and really hurting themselves more than helping.

Future Legal Representation Might Cost More or Be Less Effective

Some people get started in a case representing themselves, with the idea that if things get rough it will be a simple matter to call up an attorney and have them take over. While this is possible in most instances, the things that are said and done early on in a case can have a massive effect on how everything turns out. After the defendant says a couple wrong thing that may not be smart, he could prove that he does not deserve any compensation, or make it hard to get the same amount of compensation that could have been achieved by an experienced attorney.

Other Attorneys Will Be Involved

Even if the defendant feels confident about the case early on, that might quickly change when he realizes that he has to go up against the attorneys hired by the insurance company. Insurance companies are not prepared to lose any more money than they have to, and they are not afraid to accident hire accident attorneys in Clifton NJ to do the work. In fact, most have attorneys hired on a permanent basis and they know how to win these kinds of cases. Without a good attorney on his side, one of the attorneys on the opposing side may quickly outdo the man.

Represented Plaintiffs Usually Get More Money

According to a 1999 study done by none other than the Insurance Research Council its common for represented plaintiffs to get more money than those representing themselves. That means that in general those people have a better chance of winning the case, and will get more money out of it when hiring an attorney. Even though some of the money awarded will have to cover legal fees, the amount awarded will be higher, and in many instances, the plaintiff will end up with more money than they would have without an attorney and the attorney fees to pay.

While it might seem like a waste to hire an attorney at first glance, it makes a lot of sense to do so. Whether the case is minor or major, consider hiring accident attorneys in Clifton NJ to handle the issue. They will provide the support needed to win the case, and will likely result in a larger reward in the end.

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