Why It’s Important To Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer in Gettysburg

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Lawyer

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Social Security Disability is a form of income for those who are disabled and not able to work. The money is paid to them by the government. Unfortunately, there are some people who abuse the system by claiming they are disabled and they really aren’t. They are not completely disabled and are able to work. This makes it hard for those who really need the income to actually get the income. The application process is very tedious and time-consuming. Most people who try and go it alone through the process often have their applications rejected.

To receive disability income, you need to have worked for a particular amount of time based on your age and have paid out in taxes a certain amount to social security. One of the biggest things you need to prove and the main reason an application is rejected is because of medical information. The government wants detailed medical records going back several years. It can be very difficult to get these medical records from your doctor(s). The medical records need to have specific information on them. This is also a complicated process. Oftentimes, the medical records will have information missing or incomplete which causes delays.

The government requires this information in order to move the process along or approve the application. This is one reason why it is important to hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Gettysburg. An experienced attorney will contact your medical providers to ensure proper medical records are being sent. And the attorney will look over all the medical records to ensure the information is listed and complete. In order to improve your chances of receiving disability income you should hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Gettysburg. However, if you can’t work because you are disabled, how can you afford to hire a disability attorney.

There are a number of disability attorneys who will work with you on a pro bono or contingent basis. Either they won’t charge you anything upfront or they will arrange payment plans. Since your chances of receiving disability income greatly increases when you hire an attorney, the attorney is pretty confident that they will be able to get you the disability benefits you need. Therefore, they will be able to receive payment by taking a percentage of your benefits when you receive them as payment.


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