Why You May Need a Slip And Fall Attorney in Silverdale, Washington

As people are going about their daily routine, taking lunch breaks, shopping at local shopping centers and other things, it is possible that they may slip and fall. The accident could happen because they weren’t looking where they were going, or it could be because of someone else’s negligence. A Slip And Fall Attorney in Silverdale, Washington can help if the slip and fall were someone else’s fault. Here are some things clients may need to know.

Washington’s Statute of Limitations

In the State of Washington, if a client is going to file a personal injury, such as a slip and fall, there is a three-year window in which to do so. If the client fails to file his or her lawsuit within that three year time frame, any opportunity for the case to be heard will be gone. There also will be no opportunity to be awarded damages. It is important for the client to keep the statute of limitations in mind.

The Pure Comparative Fault Rule

In Washington, it is possible that the other party will try to prove that the injured party was partly to blame for the accident and injury. If this is the case, any percentage the injured party is found at fault will be reduced from the amount of damages the injured party will receive. This is why it is imperative to hire an attorney who can help fight this possible claim.

What About Damage Caps?

In most states, there are caps placed on how much a plaintiff can receive in awarded damages. In Washington, there are no caps placed on such damages, as the courts in the state hold such limits as unconstitutional. A qualified attorney can help ensure the plaintiff gets what he or she deserves.

An Attorney in Silverdale, Washington Who Can Help

The Law Offices of Anthony C. Otto have been providing legal solutions for clients in the Silverdale, Washington area for over 37 years. If there are any clients looking for a Slip And Fall Attorney in Silverdale, Washington, the law offices are available, “contact today“.

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