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A workers’ compensation attorney in Greeley, CO helps injured workers that have suffered injuries or illnesses on the job. Workers’ compensation claims do no cover all injuries and illnesses, and only cover employees, not 1099 contractors. It is vital that if you have been injured while on the job that you consult with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer immediately after receiving the medical care you need. A variety of state and federal benefits may be available to you. These include benefits to cover medical, hospital and rehabilitative expenses, lost wages, and vocational retraining if necessary. To ensure that you get the benefits that you are entitled to, don’t delay in consulting with an attorney. Time is of the essence.

Available Benefits
Depending on the severity of your injuries, there are a number of benefits that you may be entitled to. Do not expect your employer or the insurance carrier to bring to light all of the benefits you could receive. They are working in their best interest, not yours. You must have the expertise of a workers’ compensation attorney in Greeley, CO to ensure that you are receiving everything you are eligible for. Disability benefits including partial and full, as well as temporary or permanent may be available depending on the severity of your injuries. Additionally, medical and hospital bills including medicines, prosthetic devices, nursing services, and other care may be covered. If you cannot continue to work, wage reimbursement benefits will help you financially stay afloat during this challenging time.

Payment of Benefits
In the State of Maryland, the Workers’ Compensation Commission is responsible for determining the appropriate benefits and their amounts to be paid to employees that have been injured on the job. The workers’ compensation insurance companies or the self-insured employers are then required to award the monies and benefits through the Commission’s orders. Filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits requires detailed paperwork, the proper notification to the employer, all in a timely manner as described under the law. Don’t delay in hiring a workers’ comp attorney to help you through the myriad of paperwork and laws.

Choosing a Workers’ Compensation Attorney
Workers’ compensation attorneys are experts in the area of filing, negotiating, settling, and appealing these cases. The state and federal laws and regulations surrounding workers’ comp claims are complex and often confusing. When selecting an attorney for your case, make sure that you have great communication flow between the two of you, and any other staff you may interact with. These cases can take some time so it is important that you are comfortable and trust in the relationship. During your first consultation make sure you discuss the fees associated with your case.

Thousands and thousands of employees get injured, or become ill, on the job each year. To combat the injuries, workers’ compensation insurance has been required in most states for generations. In the State of Maryland, the laws governing these claims are complex and you must follow the letter of the law, and their timeline for reporting exactly. A workers’ compensation attorney in Greeley, CO has the expertise and experience to make the process easier for you and get you the benefits you are entitled to.

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