Reviewing Penalties With A DWI Lawyer In Twin Falls, ID

In Idaho, drunk drivers could face serious penalties. These penalties are based on their blood alcohol content reading. They are also assessed according to who was in the vehicle with the driver at the time of the arrest. A DWI Lawyer in Twin Falls ID helps these defendants review the possible outcome of their cases.

The First Offense

The first-time offense is classified as a misdemeanor. The convicted driver faces a maximum of six months in county lockup. Their fines range up to $1,000. Their license suspension period ranges between 90 days and 180 days.

The Second Offense

The second offense is also classified as a misdemeanor charge. The convicted driver spends no less than ten days in county lockup. The maximum jail sentence for the conviction is one year. The fines for this offense range up to $2,000. The driver’s license suspension is for one year. The suspension period begins after the individual is released from jail. They must also install an ignition interlocking device in their vehicle at their own expense.

The Third Offense

The third DUI offense is classified as a felony. However, the driver must receive a third conviction within a ten-year period. The driver faces thirty days minimum in county lockup. They could face a maximum of five years in prison. The fines won’t exceed $5,000. The driver’s license suspension period can also last up to five years. This period doesn’t start until after the driver has served their applicable time. They are also required to install an ignition interlocking device in their vehicle.

Refusing to Submit to Testing

The state can apply additional penalties for refusing to submit to testing. However, this doesn’t apply when defendants are awaiting their legal counsel. Once their legal counsel arrives, they are advised about these penalties.

In Idaho, drunk drivers are charged with a DWI based on their blood-alcohol content reading. The charges could be increased according to applicable enhancements. The driver also faces the further penalty based on the total number of previous convictions. Drivers who need to speak with a DWI Lawyer in Twin Falls ID can contact Gariepy Law Office today.

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