A Few Basic Facts about Law Firms

A Few Basic Facts about Law Firms

At some point in your life, you will likely need legal advice. It is important to seek help from a high-quality law firm or independent attorney. There are laws that determine how an attorney can do business, but in general their task is to advise clients of their legal rights. An attorney may also represent a client in court, for business transactions, and in other circumstances where the details of the law are complex. There are many types of law firms and it is beneficial to understand a little bit about how they can help you when you are in need.

General Practice Law Firm

General practice law firms were the standard of the industry, until the middle of the twentieth century. As urbanization increased, the need for specialization did too. In many rural areas and small towns, there are still general practice operations. These practices handle all legal areas, though topics of local interest may be the most common issues. In big cities, a general practice firm often has a significant pool of attorneys, each with a specialization.

Boutique Law Firm

With the growing complexity of modern law and the growing population in larger cities, boutique law firms are common. These attorneys specialize in a single type of law, such as employment, taxes, or criminal defense. This specialization allows an attorney to become well-versed and highly experienced in a single topic. When in need of legal advice, an individual can seek help from someone who is an expert in that specific topic.

Personal Injury Law Firm

One of the largest growing specialization areas is personal injury law. The attorneys at a personal injury law firm specialize in helping those who have been injured by the mistakes of another. This can include vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and any other type of injury to your person. The rules regarding personal injury law are precise and an attorney cannot be paid for services when the client does not win any compensation. This ensures that attorneys only take on cases that are valid and reduce the number of impractical lawsuits.

To practice law in the United States, an attorney must have a degree and pass the bar exam in the specific state or states where he or she practices. The process is a rigorous one, so you can be confident that the attorney you hire will be well-versed in the law. The professionals at Malman Law are experienced in a wide range of accident and personal injury topics. When you are often at your worst, the lawyer who represents you will be at his or her best. Contact an attorney to discuss your options.

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