Injured in a Bicycle Accident? Call One of the Consumer Law Firms in Northampton, MA

Injured in a Bicycle Accident? Call One of the Consumer Law Firms in Northampton, MA

If a person in Massachusetts is injured when they use a defective product, then they are entitled to sue the manufacturer for damages. The damages can be used to pay for medical treatment related to the injury. If the person is unable to work, then the damages can replace lost income. They can also compensate for emotional trauma and pain and suffering. However, product liability law is very vague and the injured person should contact one of the Consumer Law Firms Northampton MA for help. Chapter 93A of the Massachusetts General Law is the state’s Consumer Protection Law. The only guidance it gives is that it is illegal for a business to use “unfair or deceptive practices.”

There is nothing worse for a parent than watching their child be injured in an accident. Imagine a parent’s horror as they see their six year-old careen into traffic because the brakes on their bicycle failed. After a week, the child is still in the hospital and the bills are starting to pile up. The parents can’t work, because they have to be available to make medical decisions for their child and to comfort them. They should contact a lawyer at Connor Morneau & Olin for help. If the manufacturer made the bicycle improperly, included the wrong information on assembling the bike or failed to warn the parents about proper maintenance, then they are liable for damages.

They should hire one of the Consumer Law Firms Northampton MA as soon as possible. The manufacturer will have an insurance company that will handle the claim. They will hire lawyers, doctors and engineers to discredit the parents and minimize any payments. Insurance company engineers will say that the father didn’t put the bicycle together properly and that’s why the brakes didn’t work. However the parent’s lawyers will show that the instructions were vague and misleading. The father did what any reasonable person would do.

The lawyers will also subpoena records about any other complaints pertaining to brake failure in that model. When they uncover six more children who were injured, the company will agree to settle out of court for a fair amount of money. Visit the website for more details.



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