An Employment Lawyer In Chicago Can Help You Avoid Discrimination Lawsuits

As a small business owner, you owe it to your company to hire the most qualified employees. The law, though, requires that you give each job applicant equal consideration. To ensure that you remain in compliance with the law when you make your hiring, promotion and termination decisions, it can be beneficial to consult with an employment lawyer in Chicago before you hire your first employee.

To protect your company’s assets, you must avoid employment discrimination lawsuits. When an employee or job applicant accuses you of discrimination, defending a lawsuit can be very expensive. It is a lot less costly to take steps to prevent the perceptions of unfair treatment. An experienced employment lawyer can provide guidance to help you stay in compliance with the complex anti-discrimination laws.

It isn’t enough for you to know about the laws that relate to workplace discrimination. Your hiring managers, supervisors and all full-time employees must also know and follow the laws to ensure that your company doesn’t face a lawsuit. Workplace discrimination can take place at any point in the employment relationship, beginning with how an open position is advertised to the public. Because there are several protected groups, you will need to keep abreast of changes in the laws.

Many employers have a written harassment policy. This policy can include instructing employees who to contact in your company if they feel they are being treated unfairly. An Employment Lawyer in Chicago may be able to draft a harassment policy and provide guidance to a business owner who wants to hold training sessions with employees.

Successfully defending a claim of harassment or workplace discrimination can drain the resources of your business. Avoiding lawsuits, though, can make your company a more comfortable place to work and a more profitable business for you and your employees. Visit Caffarelli & Associates. Ltd. to learn more about how a preventive strategy can make sense for your business and how a lawyer can help you create an environment where people of all ages, genders, racial and ethnic groups, religions and sexual orientations can work together toward a common goal.

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