How Tennessee Lemon Laws Protect Those Who Purchase Used Vehicles

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Attorney

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Getting a new car is exciting. Many people opt to purchase a used vehicle because they realize that if they purchase a vehicle that is two or three years old, they will be able to get a quality vehicle with relatively low miles at a decent price.

Most people choose to buy a vehicle from a dealer because they understand that Tennessee Lemon Law protects them if the dealer tries to sell them a vehicle that is considered to be a lemon. However, some may wonder if Tennessee Lemon Law applies if they choose to purchase a vehicle from a private party.

The answer is yes. Lemon Laws typically provide protection if the vehicle is sold and still has some of the car’s manufacturer warranty. The nice thing about purchasing new vehicles is that they usually have a warranty from the car manufacturer that extends for years.

Many warranties have been designed to be transferable to the next purchaser of the vehicle. This means that if an individual purchased a new vehicle from a dealer and then within the life of the warranty chose to sell it to another individual, that warranty would be transferable.

In the same way that an individual would have rights when they purchase a new vehicle, they would also have rights when they purchase a used warrantied vehicle to have the car repaired under warranty and to have other maintenance is done that’s covered by the warranty.

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