An Insurance Claim Attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington Helps Clients Fight for Their Rights

Mishaps happen all the time. Houses catch fire and a claim has to be filed. Equipment malfunctions and claims must be filed on that. People suffer personal injuries and lawsuits and claims are filed on those. Sometimes insurance companies do not want to make good on a claim and they come up with reasons of their own why they will not honor an insurance claim. That is the time for the claimant to seek out the services of an attorney. There is an insurance claim attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington who helps clients fight their cases.

It is a given that when people insure the products they buy or file insurance claims for injuries they sustain, they should rightly expect to receive monetary compensation when the situation warrants it. For example, if the home catches fire, there is no reason for the insurance company not to pay, unless they find that the homeowner somehow was responsible for the fire. The same thing goes for any other product that is bought. If it fails for some reason, or something happens to it, the insurance company should pay off the claim.

Many times, people get into automobile accidents and the party at fault either has no insurance, or the insurance company refuses to pay what is just. This is definitely the time when the injured party will want to hire a lawyer. The injured party needs to be compensated for medical bills, lost time at work, property damage, and sometimes, damages for pain and suffering. If the insurance company will not pay, the company will have to be taken to court.

The law offices of Anthony C. Otto, located in Port Orchard, Washington, have been providing legal solutions for clients in the Gig Harbor, Washington area for more than 36 years. Clients who have problems with insurance claims are welcome to consult with attorneys. They help with all kinds of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, wrongful death, animal bites and premises liability. If a potential client is in need of an insurance claim attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington or the surrounding area, they can visit us. Once there, they can browse to where directed to “click here.”

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