Getting Public Defenders Versus Hiring a Good Criminal Lawyer in Orange, Texas

Getting Public Defenders Versus Hiring a Good Criminal Lawyer in Orange, Texas

When it comes to criminal defense, you will always have two options. Your first option is the basic legal right to an attorney as stipulated by the Miranda rights. Every person who is accused of a crime has the right to an attorney. These attorneys are called public defenders. These are the standard attorneys who are paid by the state or county to ensure that everyone’s rights are being upheld.

However, are public defenders better than hiring a criminal lawyer in Orange, Texas? Surely there must be some benefits associated with using a public defender, but do they outweigh the benefits of hiring someone who is better at their job?

Public Defenders Are Free

Because public defenders are paid a standard rate no matter how the cases turn out, there’s not really a motivation for them to actually win trials. Regardless of whether you win or lose, a public defender will make the same amount of money. Not all public defenders are careless, but some of them know that the only thing that matters is that they’re getting paid either way.

Private Defense Lawyers Are Worth It

Hiring a criminal lawyer might not be free, but you’re guaranteed an effort, no matter what. Defense lawyers need to win the case to make their money, and that motivates them to do whatever it takes to ensure their case for you is the strongest they can get it. A criminal lawyer on the private side often also defends the accused because they’re passionate about justice. So where can you find a good Orange, Texas, criminal lawyer?

When the time comes and you need one, try doing some online research. You can search for testimonials from clients whose lives are better because they hired the lawyer you’re interested in hiring. That way you can pick the very best and make sure your case is as strong as possible.

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