Arranging a bail bond

If a member of your family or a close friend is arrested and charged with committing a crime it is unavoidable that you will be concerned and alarmed; your primary goal will be to get the person released from jail. It is at this time you will want to know something about bail bonds in San Bernardino County.

First off, stay calm, the bail process is not overly complicated and contrary to what you might see on TV, the process and the people involved are not things to be scared of. The procedure is actually quite straightforward and with the help of a bondsman you will have your family member or friend released in no time.

  • Find a bondsman that you feel you can work with:

Because the whole thing may be new to you, perhaps no one in your family has ever been arrested before and you are total unaware of what is going on. Find a bondsman that you feel comfortable in talking to; look for a bondsman that is professional in what he does, sincere, understanding and above all, understanding of what you are going through.

  • The application for the bond:

In many cases the application for the bond can be completed using the telephone however, some bondsman do like you to come to their office at this time. They will want the name of the accused, where he or she is being held, the amount of bail that has been set, details of the charge and personal details of the defendant.

  • Arrange for payment:

A typical fee for posting a bond is ten percent of the face amount. This can be paid up front although many bail bonds in San Bernardino can be arranged and paid for on an agreed upon payment plan between you and the bondsman.

Once the documents have been signed and turned over to the court the only thing that is left is to wait until the individual is released. For more information vist SOTA Bail Bonds.

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