How Can You Pursue Compensation With Bus Accident Attorneys in Charles County, MD?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 63,000 bus accidents occur each year in the U.S. These statistics include school buses, charter buses, and motor coaches. Because of the size of these vehicles, great damages and injuries can occur. When a bus driver is reckless or negligent and an accident occurs, it is imperative victims hold the driver responsible. In some cases, the injured victims can also hold the driver’s company responsible for their injuries. When a person becomes an injured victim, they may need to consider hiring bus accident attorneys in Charles County MD.

Bus accident attorneys in Charles County MD will first meet with an injured victim to determine whether or not they have a viable liability claim. The attorney needs to ensure the client has a solid claim that will be backed by evidence. The attorney also needs to determine if more than one plaintiff will need to be pursued. Sometimes, the driver and their employer can be held accountable. The injured victim can also, in some accidents, pursue the manufacturer of bus parts if they contributed to the accident.

After an investigation, the attorney will pursue the insurance company first, working to ensure the insurance adjuster is fair and offers an appropriate level of compensation. If the attorney finds the adjuster is not fair, a complaint can be filed in court. While the attorney will work to avoid a court pursuit, this is not always possible. The goal of the attorney is to pursue the method that will bring about the highest level of compensation for their client.

It is imperative a person protects their rights by hiring an attorney to guide them. Although the state of Maryland gives injured victims three years to file a lawsuit, it is wise an injured victim does not wait too long and risk running out of time.

If you have become the victim of a bus accident that caused serious injuries and would like to learn more about how an attorney can help you, browse our website. With the help of an attorney, you can receive the compensation you deserve.

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