Choose a Same Sex Divorce Attorney Who is Familiar with the Latest Case Law

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Divorce

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Same sex marriage is still relatively new in this country. As more and more couples are getting married, an increasing number are filing for divorce. Because there isn’t as much case law related to same sex divorce, it’s essential for anyone whose marriage is in trouble to hire a Same Sex Divorce Attorney to ensure their rights are protected throughout the legal proceedings.

Child custody can be a major issue in divorces among opposite sex couples. However, it can be even more complicated when one or both spouses are not the child’s biological parent. A Same Sex Divorce Attorney may explain a client’s rights so they know where they stand with the court, whether they share genes with the child or not. Essentially, the biological parent should not receive any preferential treatment from the court over the other parent. The same standards should apply and custody should be determined by what is in the best interest of the child.

Finances are sometimes a very big concern when a couple ends their marriage. When a couple owns property or other assets, these must be divided in the divorce. Many couples are able, with the help of their attorneys, to come to an agreement about how to handle this division of property so they can both sustain themselves after the separation. Although this might takes some patience, it is usually better to handle the divorce this way rather than rely on a judge to separate assets.

Divorce is rarely easy but with an attorney who has experience in dissolving same sex marriages and who is familiar with the legal precedents currently in place, a man or woman who no longer wants to be married could ensure they leave the marriage with what they are entitled to. Starting over tends to be much easier when a person has their fair share of their marital assets. By working with The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel, a person who doesn’t want to be married anymore or who has recently learned their spouse wants to move on without them won’t have to worry about how they will survive in the early days of their divorce.

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