When Facing Drug Charges, Calling a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Wayne IN Will Often Help the Most

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Lawyer

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Although opinions about the value of the nation’s long-running war on drugs are mixed, most would admit that there are plenty of significant associated costs. Whatever benefits a hard-line attitude toward illegal narcotics might deliver to the nation, it has become clear to most people that there are quite a few drawbacks, as well. In some cases, for example, people of relatively little involvement with drugs can find themselves facing many years in prison. In others, someone who had only dabbled with an illegal substance might suffer real damage as a result of extremely zealous prosecution. In any such case, having the help of a criminal defense attorney in Fort Wayne IN will typically be the best way of ensuring that the worst possible outcomes can be avoided.

Oftentimes, all that will take is clicking the “Contact us” link at the website of a local attorney and scheduling an appointment. Many lawyers will offer free consultations through which they can quickly assess a person’s situation and case, and that can be enough to determine whether further work together might be merited. Simply getting in touch with a criminal defense attorney in Fort Wayne IN will often prove to be the best way of all of ensuring that drug-related charges do not result in unnecessary harm to a person’s future.

In some cases, the facts will be such that an attorney will recommend pursuing a complete dismissal of the charges. The truth is that prosecutors are quite often overzealous, and no less so when the charges they levy relate to the possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs. An attorney who is able to have all of a client’s charges dropped will thereby often do a truly great service, taking the possibility of years in prison or worse completely off the table.

Even when that will not be realistic or possible, an attorney will often have plenty of value to offer. Many prosecutors aim high from the start, hoping to intimidate those they charge into accepting overly punitive plea bargains out of fear. An attorney will be able to spot and neutralize such tactics, making it much more likely that a client charged with a drug-related offense will not be harmed unnecessarily.

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