Dealing With Deportation

Dealing With Deportation

Any person in the US that is not a citizen of the country can be deported, this even holds true for those who are permanent residents and carry a green card. Since the September 11th tragedy at the World Trade Center in New York, the congress of the United States have passed numerous statutes which widen the grounds on which deportation or removal proceedings can proceed. The Department of Homeland Security is aggressively pursuing non-citizens with a criminal record with a view to deporting them. There is a long list of grounds for deportation; if you are facing removal from the US you are well advised to hire deportation lawyers in Chicago.

There are many grounds for deportation:

There is a long list of reasons why people can be deported from the US. The most obvious reason of course is arriving illegally or arriving with a visa but then not returning home at the end of the visa validity period. These people have no rights whatsoever to be in the US and can be summarily deported.  Other reasons are violation of the law, especially criminal law on the one end of the spectrum to not advising the officials that you have changed your address on the other end.

Fighting deportation:

For those that are in the process of seeking legal status in the US they will receive a Notice to Appear, this notice advises the recipient that deportation proceedings have begun. This is definitely the time to hire deportation lawyers in Chicago. You and your lawyers will be given a date when you can argue your case in court. When you are supported by seasoned lawyers you may be able to show the court that an error has been made or there are legal grounds supporting your position to remain in the country.

Deportation lawyers are vital if you are to succeed in fighting removal, don’t think for a minute that the judge will be of any help if you have a sympathetic story to tell.

Removal or deportation proceedings are something that must be handled head on. With immigration laws being so complex you must hire deportation lawyers in Chicago. If you have been given notice that your are to be deported you are advised to contact Din Law without delay. Follow us on twitter.

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