Choosing A Social Security Disability Lawyer In Orland Park

Americans who have worked and paid, through their payroll taxes, into the Social Security system, and subsequently find themselves unable to work because of a disability, may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security Disability benefits are provided for either a set period of time, during which the recipient will train for a new job that can be performed despite his or her disability, or it is provided for the remainder of the recipient’s life, if it is not practical or possible for retraining to occur.

Unfortunately, the process of applying and qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits can be quite complicated. Many applicants find their applications initially declined. A second or even sometimes a third application process must be completed. The entire application process can take years. The services of a qualified attorney are often necessary to successfully navigate the complicated application procedures and successfully receive benefits.

After the decision to pursue disability benefits is made, and it is time to select a Social Security Disability Lawyer Orland Park residents should be comfortable with the attorney selected and feel confident that they understand what constitutes reasonable expectations in terms of services and charges related to working with an attorney.

It is appropriate, and quite necessary, to interview more than one attorney before choosing the one best suited to an individual’s disability case. Most reputable attorneys offer free consultations. During the consultation, the attorney should be able to offer a general assessment of your disability situation and a reasonable expectation of how successful the case might be.

Federal law provides that any Social Security Disability Lawyer Orland Park or other residents choose cannot be paid until the claim is approved. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the attorney to pursue only cases with a reasonable chance of succeeding.

It is important to ask key questions during the free consultation. The applicant should fee comfortable that the attorney has had success with disability applications in the past. Asking about the success rate, the average wait time, or even asking to meet the paralegal or clerical staff who will support the application process is advised. One should also inquire about additional fees the attorney might charge for requesting medical records, shipping, and copying. With the right information choosing a Social Security Disability Lawyer Orland Park residents can trust should be an easy process.

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