Consulting with a Professional Bankruptcy Attorney in Suffolk, VA is Recommended When Your Finances Are a Mess

Trying to decide if bankruptcy is the right choice for you is difficult, but an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you make the right decision, because these attorneys are experts at bankruptcy law and can help you sort out the specifics of your situation so that together, you can make the right choice. There are different types of bankruptcy, and each of them has its own specific rules and regulations, but when you consult with a professional bankruptcy attorney, which you can do for free, it becomes easier to decide what to do next.

Relying on their Expertise

A competent bankruptcy attorney in Suffolk, VA can help you decide whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is best for you. Both types allow you freedom from the harassment of creditors, but differ in other ways. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your debt is eliminated and you get to start over, and with Chapter 13, there is a repayment plan developed that is convenient to you and easy to utilize. There are certain effects on your credit score with both of these plans, and a good bankruptcy attorney can explain them to you so that you can decide which plan you wish to use.

Sharing All Your Information with Them Is Smart

When consulting with a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy, it is always best to share all of your personal financial information, because after all, that is what this person is there for. If you’re filing for bankruptcy, you can include even small debts that aren’t inconvenient for you to pay, and if there are things you cannot include, a good Suffolk bankruptcy lawyer will let you know. The law is very specific on which debts you can and cannot claim on a bankruptcy form, but your lawyer can familiarize you with all this so that you are better prepared for what will happen next.

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