A Workplace Injury Lawyer in Melrose, MA Wants Employees to Understand Their Rights

People get hurt on the job all the time. When they get hurt, the employer will usually have workers’ compensation in place to pay the employee’s wages while out of work, and medical expenses. If it works out, that is usually fine. However, sometimes there is a break down in the process. The insurance company doesn’t pay, or the employer has a discrepancy with the employee. Whatever the issue is, the injured employee will usually have to hire a lawyer. A Workplace Injury Lawyer in Melrose MA helps many clients with such injuries. Here are some things injured parties may want to know about workplace injuries.

Massachusetts have laws that are specific to the state regarding workers’ compensation issues. That alone is enough to complicate the matters in receiving workers’ compensation. When the employee is injured, he or she must report this fact to his or her employer within a specific amount of time, otherwise he or she may not receive the workers’ comp pay. The employee also must see a physician approved by the employer, even if he or she goes to see his or her own doctor. The qualifying physician will determine when the employee can return to work.

If it turns out that the employee suffers a permanent disability because of the work-related injury, that brings other factors into the process. Applying for permanent disability becomes a greater problem for the employee whose only recourse is to hire an attorney who can help him or her navigate through that difficult part of the process. When the employee works with an experienced attorney, the attorney may be able to help the employee avoid making some costly mistakes with the insurance company.

The Law Offices of Burton J. Hass have been providing legal solutions for clients in Melrose, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas for more than three decades. Clients can get help with workers’ comp cases, dog bites, slips and falls, wrongful death, and many other cases involving personal injuries. If any individuals are interested in a Workplace Injury Lawyer in Melrose MA, the attorneys at the law offices are available. Visit the websiteYou can also visit them on Facebook.

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