Learn About No-fault Divorce from a Divorce Law Firm in Smithtown

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Attorney, Lawyer

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Prior to 2010, a Smithtown resident that wanted to end their marriage would have to prove their spouse was at fault. This produced conflict and made it impossible for a couple that just didn’t want to be married anymore to have to have a reason for the divorce. Today, no-fault divorce makes it easier to end a marriage and allows a couple to move on with their lives. In order to get a no-fault divorce, the relationship must have deteriorated past the point of retrieval for at least 6 months. The state now allows people who simply can no longer live with each other to end their marriage and start new, separate lives.

In some cases, neither party is at fault for the deterioration of marriage. They merely grow apart and wish to live separate lives. This could happen after one year of marriage or after 20 years. Other states have given couples this option for years and now New York couples can now get divorced without an expensive trial. There are a couple of benefits to this type of divorce. The first and most obvious benefit is that each spouse can save money. A no-fault divorce tends to be cheaper than one that requires one spouse and their divorce law firm in Smithtown to prove the other was responsible for the breakdown of the marriage.

This manner of divorce could allow a couple to focus on what’s really important, such as custody of minor children, parenting time, child support and dividing the marital assets equitably. Many couples are able to come to these decisions without involving a judge. However, it’s still important for divorcing couples to each have their own divorce law firm in Smithtown to represent their interests. People who want to end their marriage without accusing the other of adultery, abuse or mental illness have the option of doing so with a no-fault divorce. Those in this situation can learn more at Toddzimmerlaw.com. There is plenty of information here to help a person get started and develop a list of questions to ask their attorney at their initial meeting.

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