Contact A Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale If Injured in An Auto Accident

Each year, over 3,300 people die in motor vehicle accidents in Washington, according to the Washington Department of Transportation. The estimated economic loss from all motor vehicle accidents was over $25 billion. For individuals, that loss generally consists of lost wages, present and future medical costs and miscellaneous expenses. Intangible losses also need to be considered, including future lost earnings, pain and suffering and loss of use.

There are steps to be taken as soon as possible after an accident.

* Call the police. Both the police investigation and police report will be very important in determining the cause of the accident. Don’t move the car unless ordered to do so or it is creating a danger.

* Your camera is your best friend. Take pictures of everything concerned with the accident, especially vehicles and the scene itself. Pictures taken at the time are much better than recreations made later by a Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale WA

* Witnesses are important, so get the names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone. If someone won’t provide that information, try to take a picture of their license plate, if it can be done safely.

* Go see a doctor. Not all injuries will be apparent until some time after the accident, so early medical reports may become important later.

* Report the accident to the auto insurance company; don’t delay.

* Don’t talk to anyone about the accident except the police and your insurance company. Be especially careful not to talk about what happened while heavily medicated.

* NEVER talk to the other driver’s insurance company or give any recorded statement unless your Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale is present. Words can be twisted and used against you.

* Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale who focuses on auto accident cases. The laws change constantly, so it’s important to talk to someone who thoroughly understands the legal situation. Let an experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale fight to get you the compensation due you.

The law offices of Anthony C. Otto has a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling auto accident cases. They dedicate themselves to achieving the best results possible for their clients. Contact the firm for a free consultation to learn what they can do for you.

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