Divorce Attorneys in West Bend WI Offer Help and Financial Protection

If spouses decide to legally separate, they don’t live together, but they aren’t divorced. Legal separation agreements, also called temporary court orders, are important for those who want a permanent alternative to divorce. Everything should be filed properly so the court can force an uncooperative spouse to abide by the terms of the agreement. Legal separations are essential in other cases such as:

* Forming the basis for a divorce

* When spouses are so estranged that cooperation won’t occur

* When a spouse can’t be trusted to keep their promises

* When a spouse needs financial support while the couple lives apart

* When children are in the picture

The longer a couple lives apart, the less chance there is of reforming a successful relationship. As time passes, cooperation may become more difficult. In cases like these, a separation agreement can prevent the total loss of a relationship, even if divorce is inevitable.

Components of a Separation Agreement

These agreements should address many of the same issues covered in a divorce, such as child custody, support, and division of debts and assets. If children are covered on one spouse’s insurance policy, that should be addressed as well. Personal property should be covered in the agreement, to prevent losing it in the divorce.

Read Papers Carefully

If there’s a part of the separation agreement that’s difficult to understand, the client should Click Here to bring it up with Divorce Attorneys in West Bend WI. Separation agreements typically turn into divorce agreements, and it’s difficult to void or modify them. Divorce Attorneys in West Bend WI may advise a client to include language in the agreement that stipulates that the terms of the divorce agreement may change.

Financial Advantages

A separation agreement can provide financial benefits other than guaranteeing that the court will enforce the terms. If one spouse pays support, that person can claim them as a tax deduction, and the receiver must report them as income. A legal agreement formed with the help of Hetzel & Nelson LLC can limit liability for debts accrued by the other spouse during the separation, and it can ensure the continuity of financial benefits such as health insurance and credit access.

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