How an Attorney That Specializes in Birth Injury Law Can Help When Tragedy Strikes

While the complications associated with giving birth have been reduced due to advancements in medical technology, there are still times when tragedy strikes and leaves a family having to put the shattered pieces back together. If a complication existed during birth that is attributed to an oversight by the hospital performing the birth, the family left behind may be due restitution. While it can be complicated to prove that a hospital was negligent, an attorney will be able to collect the information needed to prove a case. The following represents the most common causes of birth complications that are not tied directly to the health of the mother.

Non-Sterile Conditions

It is important that the area and tools used for the birthing process are completely sterilized before use. If not, it can cause the mother and baby to contract an infection. While the mother’s chance of survival is greater, most babies do not have the immune system function to be able to fight off an infection successfully. An attorney with experience in birth injury law can make it easy to prove the hospital was at fault, and hold them accountable for their actions.

Delayed Birth

One of the most common cause of birth defects is a delay in the birthing process. If a hospital attempts to prevent a baby from being born when labor is occurring, it can cause a traumatic brain injury, and leave the baby unable to function without a high amount of care. An attorney will be able to prove the hospital is at fault, and ensure the family has the finances needed to provide life-long care for the child.

Improper Medical Care

Though not as common, there are times when a child is born with a medical condition that is not treated properly, which can lead to poor health conditions, slow brain development and even death. Don’t let someone else’s oversight cause pain and torment for years. Let a lawyer represent the affected party and fight to get the restitution they deserve.

If malpractice is suspected after a birth, it is important to contact an attorney right away. The birth injury law team at Tom Crenney & Associates will be able to fight to get the family the support and financial restitution needed to make ends meet. Call us at 888.644.5545 or visit our website to learn more about the ways we support individuals in getting the justice they deserve.

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