Will Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Auburn Indiana Really Help?

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Attorney

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Many people who are arrested and charged with a DUI wonder if hiring a DUI defense lawyer in Auburn Indiana, will really help with their case. While the answer isn’t always yes, the person will not know if the lawyer is going to be able to help them until they speak with one. Learning more about the charge they face and what a DUI lawyer can do might help them determine whether hiring a DUI lawyer is the right choice.

Potential Penalties for a DUI in Indiana

Indiana laws determine a person is guilty of a DUI if their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is tested at .08% if they are 21 and over. If they are under 21, they can be convicted if their BAC is over .02% and, if they are operating a commercial vehicle, they can be convicted if their BAC is over .04%. Given they are convicted of a first offense, they face 60 days to a year in jail, $500 to $5,000 in fines, and a license suspension of up to two years. The penalties are more severe for further convictions.

What a DUI Lawyer Might Do

A DUI lawyer is going to look at every aspect of the case to determine what they can do to help. They might be able to have the charges dismissed because of improper administration or calibration of the BAC testing equipment. They could try to have the charges dismissed because the officer didn’t have a reason to stop the suspected person. A lawyer might also be able to have their client plead guilty to a lesser offense to avoid the severe penalties of a DUI. There is actually quite a few different defenses the lawyer will look into so they can help their client.

Many people are not aware of the severe penalties of DUIs or of the defenses a DUI defense lawyer in Auburn, Indiana might use to help them. It’s typically a good idea to at least have a consultation with a DUI lawyer to find out what options are available that might be applicable to the person’s situation. To learn more or to arrange a consultation, visit Website today.

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