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Proper estate planning involves several steps that are meant to help settle a person’s estate long before they die. Once a person dies, a will is needed to ensure all of their final wishes are carried out. When a will is not in place, the state often has to get involved to make sure the estate is settled properly and there are no disputes. Knowing what to expect from this process will help individuals to be prepared to work with the attorney on Wills Trusts And Estates in Kendallville IN.

What to Expect From Estate Planning

Although individuals are not required to get legal help to go through the estate planning process, it is recommended. Individuals who do not have a sound understanding of the law can find themselves making mistakes in the process that prevent an estate from being properly settled upon their death.

No matter how much a person owns or how small their family, they need an estate plan in place to ensure their estate is properly settled and family members are taken care of after the death. If a person has minor children, it is especially important estate and trust planning are carried out to determine the guardian that will take care of the children and ensure they will have an inheritance to lean on.

The attorney will ask the individual to bring in many different documents, such as the names and contact information for all beneficiaries, life insurance documents, asset information, and other vital pieces of information. The more information the individual can provide their attorney, the better equipped the attorney will be to provide sound legal services for their client.

Once all of the planning has taken place, the attorney will take great care in drawing up the documents. The execution meeting will allow the individual to review the final document and sign it in front of the attorney, witnesses, and a notary public.

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