Guilty or Not Guilty: What to Do in Questionable Situations

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Law And Legal Services

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There are situations in life when you are charged with a crime that is not as black and white as how it is portrayed. This can be especially true when there is a heated argument between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. Sometimes, the police may be called in to a situation out of anger or fear that the situation may escalate. If you are charged for assault, especially when there has been none, then you need to hire a criminal attorney mount vernon today so that your rights are protected.

The Situation
So you and your wife had an argument over, well just about anything. Screaming and yelling took place, and both parties are to blame. Anger is taking over, and your wife is feeling physically threatened, even though you would not harm her under any circumstance. Out of anger you hit a wall or knock something off of a shelf. Maybe the item you hit strikes her leg or even comes near her. The neighbors have called the police because of all the commotion.

Now you find yourself under investigation for assault and you are being taken to jail. Although your wife does not feel that you physically assaulted her, the laws are there to protect and serve. There is a small cut on her leg, evidence that you did something against her. The officers do not even give you an opportunity to apologize for hurting her as you are carted off.

Get an Attorney
The first thing you need to do when you arrive at the jail is to call a criminal attorney in Mt. Vernon. Explain to them the situation and tell them what happened. Be honest about every detail and let them know that you are sorry for everything that happened. They will work with you to get things fixed. They may even talk to your wife, and if everything concurs then they may be able to get the case dropped with the district attorney. Worst case scenario, if the district attorney wants to make an example out of you, your attorney will be able to lessen the course of action.

Do not try to handle the situation by yourself. Although you feel that you can express yourself to the district attorney and even the judge, the things that you say may backfire on you. Do not try to contact your wife, especially if you have been instructed not to. Allow your attorney to be the go between to get pertinent messages back and forth.


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